Why ‘Barf Bags Not Included’?

Welcome to Barf Bags Not Included – a virtual space owned by a former over-sharing blogger who still wants to write but has no idea what to write about. I tried blogging about being a single mom in a long-distance relationship, but knowing people were reading it made me wildly uncomfortable. I no longer over-sharing my (now 4 year old) daughter’s life, either. Mostly. At least not the finer details. Those are saved for our YouTube vlog. Check us out here:

Check out our YouTube vlog!

This website may have content related to:

  • Lesbian parenting
  • Long distance relationships (particularly related to being a single parent)
  • Parenting a preschooler
  • Living in Toronto
  • Whatever else is on my over-thinking mind at any given time.

Welcome! And thanks for joining me.