June 3rd – The ordinary day that changed everything

Throughout my pregnancy and the first three years of my daughter Evelyn’s life, I blogged over at Solo Mama Life. I used that online space to chronicle my life as a queer single mom by choice. Over the years, I met countless amazing people and even formed some solid friendships – both online and in person – from the relationships that started on that blog. Bri was one of those people I connected with virtually, usually by way of leaving comments on each others’ mom blogs.

At some point in 2015, Bri sent me an email to more formally introduce herself/say ‘hi’. We exchanged a few emails, talking about things like about which airport is cheapest to fly into in her area, because Evelyn’s donor-dad lives there and I was thinking of taking Evelyn down there to visit him.

Time marched on and Bri and I continued to leave comments on each other’s blogs and Instagram posts. This whole time we were virtually connecting, I had no idea this was someone I was going to fall in love with. Not a clue. My mind didn’t go there, not-a-once.And why would it, really? Who would ever think their “Person” was someone commenting on your blog from 1400 miles away?

In late May 2016, I decided my days of over-sharing Evelyn’s life were over. As she grew, so too did my my apprehension on publicly blogging details of my young daughter’s life. So, I (wistfully) decided to close the blog. After I hit publish on my farewell post, Bri sent me an email letting me know she’d miss the blog. It was a short email, but one sentence in particular resonated:

 I feel like I know you even though we have never met. 

Huh. Well…me too. And so I did something out of character. I emailed her back and gave her my phone number. It is not my habit to give my phone number out to random bloggers on the other end of the continent. But, I did. I told her to text me if she wanted to stay in touch. And, she did.

On June 3rd, 2016, Bri sent me the first of what would go on to be countless texts exchanged between us. And that was the ordinary day just like any other day that completely changed my life.

Reading through our text history in those early days, it is easy to see how intense our connection was almost immediately. We exchanged daily texts and before months’ end, I knew she was someone I couldn’t live without.

You know how sometimes you meet someone (even just virtually) and they feel like “home” to you? That’s exactly how I feel with Bri.

Within the span of a year(ish), she’d gone from a virtual stranger, to a virtual friend, to the one I can’t live without.

2016 has been a hard year for a lot of people. No one seems to have gotten out of this year unscathed. But June 3, 2016 will always go down in my personal history books as one of those days that was boringly ordinary and remarkably exceptional all at once.


2 thoughts on “June 3rd – The ordinary day that changed everything

  1. I hereby announce that I will be totally stalking you guys – virtually – like the mad, mad person that I am. =) Didn’t know about the new virtual home!!! So happy to see you back and read about your adventures together!!!


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