Taking over & typing

Originally intended to serve as an online journal of our long-distance relationship as well as a means of making money somehow (we weren’t quite sure how), barfbagsnotincluded.com came screeching to a halt when I (Lindsay) felt like it was too much of an over-share. If you are a former reader of my (now private and defunct) Solo Mama blog, this information may shock you.

“Wait…,” you think to yourself, “that woman has a filter?” I do, believe it or not. But I miss the blogging community. I miss (over) documenting my life. I miss writing about the mundane and making it feel important because I put it out into the digital world.

And so, I am taking over the blog and using it as a memoir of sorts. But this time it’s less about motherhood and more about the agony of being in an long-distance relationship coupled with the joy of being with the person you know you’re going to love forever. There’s still a chance readers will hear from Bri – I haven’t changed the password on her yet.

For those of you who are itching to know more about our relationship (and those that aren’t), this will still be an over-share about our relationship, but more of a…more of an online journal that documents the journey we’ve been on and are continuing on as two single but not single moms who find themselves in love with someone who lives 1400 + miles away.

For the curious: here’s a quick recap of how Bri and I met.

For those who have questions: here’s an FAQ.

For those who have more questions: stay tuned.  Or email me. I’m sure I’ll answer your question (and then some) at some point.

For now – thanks for joining me. Excuse me while I go have a pity party for one because I miss my girlfriend so much.

3 thoughts on “Taking over & typing

      1. Peshaw! I want more blog posts from you (and Bri). I think you both are able to discuss your lives and parenting in ways that can respect the individual lives of your children. I fully understand needing to tone back the oversharing but that doesn’t have to mean an end to blogging.

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