The anticipation

This time around we won’t need coats

Briann is on her way here for a whirlwind visit – she’s arriving this afternoon, and she’ll be here in Toronto for less than 24 hours. Yes, you read that right. She is traveling over 1400 miles for less than a day with me.

It takes tremendous effort on her part to make these visits happen. In order to see each other, Briann has to: book the flight, drive to the airport, pay for parking, pay for dog sitting, go through security, sit for hours in an airport counting down the minutes until she can sit in a tin plane in the sky for hours, and go through customs. On top of all that, she has leave her daughter over a thousand miles away…all for some some time with me.  I’m tired just reading all of that, and I know that that isn’t even everything she does – all the logistics, big and small – to make this happen. But – Briann never complains. She could, but she doesn’t. She goes to all of this effort for less than a day with me. I wish I could tell you what that means to me without 1) crying while I blog and 2) completely gushing about how incredible she is.

And me? I sit here at work, going about the usual business of the day, on a day feels anything but usual. So, I blog out into the abyss, catching myself holding my breath. The waiting has me subconsciously anxious, full to bursting with anticipation. In just a few hours, I’ll really be able to breathe again. I’m trying to be productive here, I really am. But it’s so hard when you know you are just hours away from holding the person you’ve been aching to hold for weeks.  I will try to make up for lost time and give her the affection that I’ve been holding in. But it won’t be enough. It’s never enough.

Being away from the person you want to spend every day – and the rest of your life – with is not easy. That’s obvious, even to those who have not experienced a long-distance relationship, right? I intend to make the best of the time we have together, however long or short each visit is. Because whether we are together or apart, I know how lucky I am to have found Briann.

And those of you who follow me on Instagram? Brace yourselves for more couples selfies. They’re coming.

4 thoughts on “The anticipation

    1. Some days it is much harder than others, but it definitely isn’t getting any easier! Thank you for your support – it means a lot to know that people are rooting for us!


  1. Chad and I did the long distance thing for awhile bc he worked in Idaho and I worked and lived in Colorado. We saw each other as much as we could but MAN it would have been so much harder with kids!

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