On managing the never-ending to do list with meditation

Ever look at your to-do list and feel overwhelmed? Like you’re on a ship with a (big) hole in it and you’re sinking/drowning? On any average week, I am:

  • Working a full-time outside of the home job
  • Being a solo parent to a 4 year old
  • Managing all things domestic in our home (groceries, cleaning, laundry) without help
  • Doing intuitive readings for my side business
  • Working on creative projects with Briann that will hopefully lead us to financial freedom and being our own bosses
  • Spending time with my best friend/chosen family
  • Maintaining a healthy and loving long-distance relationship

Some days, I feel like “I got this”. I manage everything well. But some days – like today – I feel like my to-do list is more than any one person can or should handle. I have a list of 5 intuitive readings to do now which is great because I love/need the money. But it’s not so great because it means what little alone/spare time I get is spent working.

Here’s the thing: I’m not very good with managing my time. I waste a lot of it. I’m what you might call a “dilly dallyer” who is often lost in her own little world, floating in the clouds in my head with my mind on anything but being productive. So even knowing my to-do list is never-ending, it doesn’t stop me from wasting time throughout each and every day.

I’ve discovered why though: I spend so much time looking at my long list and feeling overwhelmed, that I avoid it until I can’t anymore. I would prefer to spend my time daydreaming about my girlfriend than I would actually doing something, because I don’t know where to start on my list. I’ve also completely fallen off the meditation bandwagon. And that is the bigger problem.

Although it seems counter-intuitive to take 20 minutes to yourself each day when you’re busy, it actually isn’t. It always helps me improve my focus, my priorities and helps me listen to my intuition more easily.

I’ve come up with a plan for myself:

  • Each morning, spend the first 10 minutes (after feeding Evelyn her breakfast) meditating. This helps me get myself right with the Universe/my day, but I’ve fallen off the wagon.
  • When I catch myself wasting time on social media, remind myself that it adds nothing of value to my life (unless it’s for work/business) and close the browser
  • Stop beating myself up for not getting everything done in one day
  • End each day with a meditation

Is this just another to-do list? I love lists as much as the next person, but I sure hope not – ha! I’m trying to get myself and my priorities straight. Meditation has always helped me when I’ve made it a practice, so I am not really sure why I keep letting myself fall off the bandwagon. Perhaps because “self care” is something that constantly falls off my list? That’s typical of women, mothers inn particular. But starting tonight, it’s going back on the list. As a permanent, standing item. Bri loves to make calendar reminders/alarms for me, so I will ask her to set an alarm to remind me each morning and night. Yes, I could do this myself but if I tell someone else, I get her support and it holds me more accountable if another person is reminding me to do this. My own will-power and desire is sadly not strong enough to do it.

The unintended bonus to a daily meditation practice is: it helps Evelyn feel calmer too. When she sees me meditating, she often “joins” me, if only for a minute. At the very least, I can instill these good habits in her so that this is her go-to as she grows.

I’ll come back and share my results in a month. In the meantime, does anyone have any recommended meditations they like?

9 thoughts on “On managing the never-ending to do list with meditation

  1. I’ve been using the insight timer app before bed and my sleep is benefiting greatly! There are a ton of meditations to choose from ranging from music to chants to guided breathing. As for the never ending to-do list, tackling my least favorite item first helps get momentum going.


    1. Just downloaded the app – thank you for the recommendation! It’s amazing what a few minutes of meditation can do for your mind/body/soul…

      That’s good advice about getting the least favourite done first. If you get that done, then anything feels doable! Gonna try that.


      1. Thanks, Jenn! I fixed the typo on the photo. Never would’ve noticed that if it weren’t for your eagle eye. We are driving to PA today and although I am still sick, I’m not dragging @ss like I was yesterday, so off we go!

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