Two is Enough: Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day

There have been times in my parenting journey that I’ve wondered to myself  if having one parent isn’t enough for Evelyn – that perhaps I’m cheating her out of the experience of growing up with two parents who are equally invested in her. Although there’s no other parent in the picture, our friends, family and time have all shown me that actually, my kid is surrounded by love, and having just me as a parent is enough.

The two of us are a family. We have family outside of just the two of us, too. Our blood family in Pennsylvania. Our chosen family here in Toronto. Family is love, not DNA or even sharing a home. At the end of the day – our immediate family is the two of us.

Evelyn is at the age where she notices differences, and sometimes she comes home from school with questions:

  • Why don’t you live with/love my daddy? (What she calls our known donor).
  • Why don’t I have two mommies instead of one, if you are gay?
  • Is Moopi (what she calls my best friend) my mom too?

Although most of her friends have two parents, I want Evelyn to know that she is not the only child with “just” one. I want her to know that our little family of 2 is perfect just as we are.

So, when I heard there is a book about this very topic, I immediately ordered it on Amazon.

Two is Enough is a sweet book I highly recommend not just for my solo/single parent friends, but for friends who want to teach their children about the diversity of families & family structures. It gets the Evelyn stamp of approval too. The illustrations are sweet and reflect diversity – some of the characters are people of colour, some have one mom, or one dad, or are raised by a grandparent.

Evelyn loves the book and so do I.

4 thoughts on “Two is Enough: Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day

  1. Now that we are really starting to make moves towards having kids, I have been constantly worried we don’t have enough kids books, haha. It’s probably a weird thing to worry about considering all that is involved but books were huge for me growing up. I will definitely save this title on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing!

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