A week of adventures, YouTube & turning 37

This past week I had the week off from work and my best friend and I made a “staycation” week here in Toronto for our two 4-year-olds. Thanks to Sarah’s exceptional planning and adventurous spirit, we took the kids somewhere fun each day (click on the link to see a video of each of our experiences). Fortunately for us, our city is rich with activities and fun things to do for all ages.

Movie theatre & splash pads 

Evergreen Brick Works

Toronto Zoo

Canada’s Wonderland

Kidnetix Edu-Play Centre (followed by the mall for the Lego store)

Sarah planned the entire week and put so much thought and effort into making this a fun week for all of us. It was a smashing success and we are all sad to see the Week of Fun come to an end.

My 37th birthday is on July 17th. Because we’ve had such a busy, fun-filled week, I’ve been able to ignore the emotional parts of being closer to 40 than not. I’ve had my head (and hands at times) in the sand all week. I’ve ignored that I am about to turn 37 and I am not exactly where I want to be in life.

I know, I know

Concentrate on what I do have, what I love about my life. I do that all the time – or at least I try to. I have an outstanding family – both blood-related and chosen. My best friend is amazing and I’m so lucky to have her by my side to help me raise my kid. My girlfriend is everything I ever wanted in a partner and this love is more amazing than I dared wish for. My daughter is every dream I ever had about parenting a child come true. I have a good job with amazing benefits. Most importantly – I have a life full of love.

It’s just…there is something about my birthday that makes me equal parts morose, introspective and displeased with what I’ve not yet accomplished. For me, a birthday is less about cake and parties, and more about taking stock and feeling disappointed in myself. Why yes, I am fun at parties.

Another thing is – I’m writing this while feeling a little downtrodden, which is why I’m being a little womp womp. I’m grateful to be alive, really, I am. Connect with me tomorrow and I’ll probably be floating on cloud 9 and feeling fantastic about being 37 and about life in general. I’m a moody Cancerian, what can I say?

Bri was supposed to be here by now for another visit but instead, her flight was delayed by 6 hours due to “mechanical issues”. No other flights were available which means we are losing out on an entire afternoon/evening together. And when you get less than 48 hours together during a visit, losing those hours really hurts.

I usually pick Bri up from the airport, but I can’t do that this time around, because by the time she’ll be here, Evelyn will have been asleep for hours and my babysitters are both out of town this weekend. So while I am so glad she’s still able to make it here for this visit, I’m also emotional over losing some time together. Captain Obvious here but: this long-distance relationship stuff is really hard sometimes. At least she’ll be here for my birthday. I had to miss hers last Sunday (July 9).

Rather than play my tiny violin for you all any longer, let me tell you something fun. I’ve been making YouTube videos at Evelyn’s request. She enjoys watching YouTube vlogs in her down time. Some of them are so unbelievably annoying that it absolutely flummoxes me that they have any views at all, let alone millions of views. And yet – the more annoying, the more popular they seem to be. Kids these days watch toys get unboxed. They watch other kids play video games. They watch obnoxious families do boring, mundane things while being filmed. And these families are raking in the dough.

Do I think we’ll get rich from Evelyn’s YouTube channel? Likely not. Not with my videography skills we won’t. But we have fun and we record footage for ourselves, so why not do something with it, right? Please bear in mind that until a few months ago, I had never made or edited a video using iMovie. So – you’re watching mediocrity at best if you’re watching my videos. But I can promise you that I am working to improve my videography skills and you won’t regret subscribing if you do!

Oh, by the way – our Toronto family has Pizza Friday every week. We get together after school/camp/work, eat pizza, sing songs and enjoy each other’s company as we say goodbye to another week. It’s one of those things I want Evelyn to remember fondly about her childhood.


10 thoughts on “A week of adventures, YouTube & turning 37

    1. Thank you so much! I had an amazing b’day. I honestly think it was my best one yet, not because anything extraordinary happened in particular, but because my life felt so full and had lots of love. Cheesy, but true!


  1. Oh my gosh! Judge watches YouTube kids and it is exactly that people playing with Lego mini figures. I am like what is this?!? I always glance over his shoulder and think is this for real…HA I hope you had a good birthday with your loves!


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