Traveling with a 4.5 year old – we’re back!

Do inquiring minds want to know how our visit went? Non-inquiring minds can close their browser tab/window now.

Evelyn and I are back from our 5-day trip to South Florida to visit Bri and her daughter. Actually, we got back a couple weeks ago but I’m a lazy/bad blogger now. Speaking of: I will call her “Renny” on this blog – Bri has always blogged anonymously in the past; I want to be consistent with that privacy while also calling her something besides “Bri’s daughter” here. And so, I’ll be using the nickname her adorable big cousin has given her going forward.

We visited the beach a couple times, visited splash pads, hung out with some of Bri’s family, went swimming, visited the Playmobil FunPark, we had date nights at home, and more. We packed as much as we could into each of our days together, not the least of which was just: quality time together making memories. We made a lot of memories. Bri worked really hard to make sure that Evelyn and I felt comfortable there, and that everyone had a nice time. And we did.

Are you wondering how the kids got along? Let’s just say: both of the girls have alpha personalities and like to be the one “in charge”, and so because neither was willing to bend on being the leader, there was a lot of squabbling. There were moments in which they got along, and those moments were sweet and heart-melting. Evelyn barely slept while we were there, so it was extra exhausting. But as I said to Bri – there is no one else I’d rather do this with.

Traveling with Evelyn this time around was a breeze. I got these various books and activities for her to play with at the hours-long waits at airports and on the planes. I was really glad I got a variety of activities and books. The sticker book (top image/link) was the activity that held her interest for the longest.

She was polite, cooperative and infinitely patient as we went through security, customs, waited at the gates and then again on the airplanes. Not even feel that patient when traveling. On the way home, she slept almost the whole way back to Toronto, curled up into her seat and on me. She did amazingly well and I was so proud of her. A far cry from the last time we traveled back to Florida and she cried for way too long about being “hot” and ripped her clothes off. Yeah. That happened. 

It’s still a struggle for me to figure out what to write about on this new website/blog. I miss the blogging community I once felt so intricately close to, but that community has changed. Or maybe I have. Actually, I think it’s mostly me. I just don’t know what to write about, or if I even should. So friends/readers – what do you want to see me write about on here? Give me some inspiration if you feel so inclined.

2 thoughts on “Traveling with a 4.5 year old – we’re back!

  1. I’m so glad you had such a lovely trip. It sounds like you actually had bit of ‘vacation’, rather than just ‘trip’ 🙂

    I think the blogging community here has definitely changed and shifted a lot as many of us have moved from trying to conceive and adopt, carrying out waiting, and birthing or meeting our babies. Then chronicling the first and second years. This is all relatively script and uncomplicated, compared to navigating the blogging world with children who have become their own people with awareness, convictions, and opinions. To add to the complications, so many of us are now privy to other personal information through connecting on other social media mediums.

    I’ve been thinking about hunting down some writing prompts, and if I follow through, I’ll write a blog about what I find :l

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    1. You know, you bring up some good points – one that I hadn’t even considered and that is that many of us now ‘know’ each other through various social media platforms. And you’re right about the first couple years of TTC/parenting being rather scripted and also a ‘good’ time (I didn’t get much sleep last night so bear with my limited vocabulary here!) to blog. And now that our children are getting older and parenting is changing along with our kids, it’s a bit harder to share their stories and feel really comfortable with it.

      I like the idea of writing prompts! I’ll do the same. Bri is on her way here so maybe I’ll be feeling more inspired to write after she leaves!


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