We wrote a book! And it’s only $1.99!

When Evelyn and I made our first trip to Florida to spend time with Bri and Renny, one of our first stops outside of the airport was the beach. You can’t go to Florida without visiting the beach, right? During that trip to the beach, Evelyn managed to duke it out with a seashell that injured her knee. Renny quickly came to her rescue and then…an idea was born. Why not write books about the adventures our girls share?

Bri is my partner not just in love, but in creativity. Together, we have many creative projects we’re working on – some are still just ideas floating in our heads, while others are things we are working on diligently behind the scenes.

Our first creative project is a short children’s book called “A Day at the Beach” which is based on a true story of our two girls having met for the first time and getting to know one another with the sand and sea as the backdrop (and aforementioned seashell). It is the first of what we hope to be many children’s books we write based on the lives of our daughters. The girls are like night and day in many respects, personality-wise. But they also have some things in common, which keeps us on our toes and makes things interesting when we’re all together.

Featuring our favourite two strong female leads, our book is now available on Amazon and we would be ever so grateful if you would check it out, read it to your little ones, and give us a review – preferably 5 stars. It is currently only available digitally – if you have a phone, a tablet (iPad included), a laptop or a Kindle, you can pick up a copy for only $1.99! Just click on this link or click on the book cover picture to support us (please!). 

Our first reviewer says:

“I smiled the whole way through this book! It’s adorable and I love it so much!”

So what if it’s my mom? Give an author a break, will you?! 

This is our first rodeo and we’ve learned a lot in the process, so we hope to continue and build on what we’ve learned for the following books. Future topics we hope to cover in the book series include: inclusion (particularly related to autism), becoming a blended family, two-mom families, sharing (a serious bone of contention for our two at present time) and…adventures we have yet to experience but know are sure to be interesting with our two girls.

As you can imagine, travel between Florida and Toronto isn’t cheap, and every copy you purchase goes directly into our travel fund. We can’t thank you enough for your support!

5 thoughts on “We wrote a book! And it’s only $1.99!

    1. Yes! We would really appreciate that. I’m excited to hear what your kids think. If they have questions about the process of how we wrote and illustrated the book we would be happy to answer them! Thank you. ☺️


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